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Changya New Material Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2013, and the group is headquartered in Ningbo, China. It is a limited liability company integrating R&D, production and sales. As China Disposable US Microwaveable Containers Manufacturers and Printed US Microwaveable Containers Suppliers, the company mainly produces paper PLA & Plastic disposable tableware, such as straw, cutlery, microwaveable box, hinged box, cup, carry out bag, plate, dinning kit, etc.

Changya New Material Technology Co., Ltd. has developed rapidly since its establishment, with a growth rate of over 30% each year, and has now become an enterprise in the field of high-quality disposable food and kitchen supplies in China. Changya products are mainly sold in the international market, and more than 90% of the products are exported to many regions such as Europe, the United States, and Australia. Changya adopts strict quality control standards for its products and has won a variety of international certifications, including BRC, GMP NSF, ISO 22000, and GMP, and it has passed LFGB, FDA, and other food safety tests. At the same time, it is a member of the international human rights organizations BSCI and Sedex. It has wide recognition and a good reputation in the international market.


  • GSV 2023 NB
  • WCA NB 2021
  • WCA Certificate NV2021
  • ISO14000 NB 2020
  • ISO 22000 EN NB
  • HACCP 2023 VN


Disposable US Microwaveable Containers

Introduce to the Disposable US Microwaveable Containers
The Disposable US Microwaveable Containers are a convenient and versatile solution for packaging and reheating food in the United States. These containers are designed to be used in microwave ovens, offering users the ability to heat up meals quickly and efficiently.
Material and Design:
Microwave-Safe Materials: Disposable US Microwaveable Containers are typically made from materials that are safe for use in microwave ovens. Common materials include polypropylene or polyethylene, which can withstand the heat generated during the reheating process without leaching harmful substances into the food.Printed Designs: Many of these containers come with attractive and informative prints on their surfaces. These prints can include branding, labeling, or instructions for usage. The prints are often applied using food-grade inks.
Convenience in Heating:
Time-Saving: Microwaveable containers eliminate the need to transfer food to a separate dish for reheating. Users can place the container directly into the microwave, saving time and reducing the number of dishes to clean.Uniform Heating: The design of these containers ensures that the food inside is heated evenly, providing a consistent and convenient reheating experience.
Various Sizes and Shapes: Similar to other disposable containers, microwaveable versions come in various sizes and shapes to accommodate different types of food. This versatility makes them suitable for packaging a range of meals, from soups and stews to casseroles and leftovers.
Safety Features:
Secure Lids: Many microwaveable containers come with tight-fitting lids that help retain moisture and prevent splattering during the heating process. This is especially useful for preventing messes and ensuring the food stays fresh.Ventilation: Some containers have venting options to allow steam to escape during microwaving, preventing pressure buildup and ensuring a safe reheating process.
Customization and Branding:
Printed Branding: The surfaces of these containers can be customized with printed designs, logos, or branding elements. This provides an opportunity for businesses to promote their brand while delivering a convenient and practical product.

The Time-saving of Disposable US Microwaveable Containers
Disposable US Microwaveable Containers offer significant time-saving benefits in various situations. Here are some ways in which these containers contribute to time efficiency:
Quick Reheating: Microwaveable containers are designed to withstand microwave heat, allowing users to directly reheat food in the container. This eliminates the need to transfer food to a separate dish, reducing preparation time.
Convenience for On-the-Go Meals: For individuals with busy schedules or those who are constantly on the move, microwaveable containers provide a convenient solution. Ready-made meals or leftovers can be easily reheated in these containers, saving the time it would take to cook a new meal.
Minimized Cleanup Time: Disposable containers eliminate the need for washing and cleaning dishes. After reheating, users can simply dispose of the container, reducing the time spent on post-meal cleanup.
Ideal for Takeout and Delivery Services: In the food industry, especially for takeout and delivery services, disposable microwaveable containers streamline the process. Customers can receive their orders in containers that are ready for immediate reheating, avoiding the hassle of transferring food to different dishes.
Efficient Meal Planning and Prep: For those who plan and prepare meals in advance, using microwaveable containers simplifies the process. Meals can be portioned and stored in these containers, ready to be reheated when needed. This is particularly beneficial for batch cooking and meal prepping.
Reduced Cooking Time: Some microwaveable containers are designed to be used for both cooking and reheating. This can be advantageous for certain types of convenience foods, as users can cook and consume their meals directly in the same container, saving time on additional cooking steps.
Versatility in Workplace and Office Settings: In office environments, where individuals may not have access to a kitchen or extensive cooking facilities, disposable microwaveable containers provide a quick and efficient way to enjoy hot meals. This is especially relevant for lunch breaks or when working late hours.
Time-Efficient for Events and Catering: For catering services and events, using Disposable US Microwaveable Containers can simplify the serving process. Pre-prepared dishes can be reheated and served directly in these containers, minimizing the time and effort required for plating and presentation.
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