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Changya New Material Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2013, and the group is headquartered in Ningbo, China. It is a limited liability company integrating R&D, production and sales. As China Disposable Plastic Straws Manufacturers and Printed Plastic Straws Suppliers, the company mainly produces paper PLA & Plastic disposable tableware, such as straw, cutlery, microwaveable box, hinged box, cup, carry out bag, plate, dinning kit, etc.

Changya New Material Technology Co., Ltd. has developed rapidly since its establishment, with a growth rate of over 30% each year, and has now become an enterprise in the field of high-quality disposable food and kitchen supplies in China. Changya products are mainly sold in the international market, and more than 90% of the products are exported to many regions such as Europe, the United States, and Australia. Changya adopts strict quality control standards for its products and has won a variety of international certifications, including BRC, GMP NSF, ISO 22000, and GMP, and it has passed LFGB, FDA, and other food safety tests. At the same time, it is a member of the international human rights organizations BSCI and Sedex. It has wide recognition and a good reputation in the international market.


  • GSV 2023 NB
  • WCA NB 2021
  • WCA Certificate NV2021
  • ISO14000 NB 2020
  • ISO 22000 EN NB
  • HACCP 2023 VN


Disposable Plastic Straws

1. Increase environmental awareness
Recyclable materials research:
At present, the environmental impact of single-use plastic products has attracted widespread attention around the world. To address this challenge, disposable plastic straw manufacturers are actively investing in research and development of recyclable materials. For example, some companies have begun to use recycled PET (polyethylene terephthalate) materials, which are more renewable and help reduce dependence on petroleum resources. By incorporating these materials into the manufacturing process, manufacturers can not only reduce the environmental impact of production but also increase the sustainability of their products.
Biodegradable materials:
In addition to recyclable materials, biodegradable materials have also become a hot research area in the disposable plastic straw manufacturing industry. Biodegradable plastics typically use plant-based raw materials such as starch and cellulose, which break down more easily in the natural environment. Take PLA (polylactic acid), for example, which is a biodegradable plastic derived from plants such as corn starch. After the end of its service life, straws made of PLA can be naturally degraded under suitable conditions, reducing pollution to land and oceans.
These environmental protection measures not only help reduce the pressure of disposable plastic straws on the environment, but also send a positive sustainable development signal to the industry, guiding more companies to work in the direction of environmental protection.

2. Innovative design and diversity
User friendly design:
To improve user experience, disposable plastic straw manufacturers are working on innovative designs. For example, in recent years, curved straw designs have emerged, which are more suitable for carrying out other activities while drinking. The design with a straw cover can effectively avoid liquid splashing and improve the convenience of use, especially when walking or driving. In addition, some companies have developed collapsible or retractable straws, making them easier to carry and store. This innovative design meets the needs of different user groups and provides consumers with more personalized choices.
As market competition continues to intensify, disposable plastic straw manufacturers have gradually realized that providing personalized products is an effective way to attract customers. Enterprises can customize straws in various colors, sizes and shapes according to customers' brand image and market needs. This not only helps improve the corporate image, but also expands product coverage in the market by meeting the preferences of different consumers.
These innovative designs and personalization not only improve the practicality of disposable plastic straws, but also win more market share for manufacturers.

3. Hygiene and convenience
Disposable hygiene standards:
Disposable plastic straws have unique advantages in terms of hygiene standards. Since they are only used once, the risk of cross-contamination is reduced. This is especially important for straws used in the food service industry and medical settings. For example, in hospitals and clinics, disposable straws ensure that patients are protected from contamination by external bacteria when drinking water or taking oral fluids. Additionally, in the food industry, disposable straws can provide higher hygiene standards as consumers can be confident that the straws they are using are new and clean.
easy to carry:
Disposable plastic straws are a convenient option on the go due to their lightweight and portability. Whether at fast food restaurants, cafes or events, consumers can conveniently carry disposable straws with them. This is especially important for those who need to enjoy their drinks on the go, such as on the go, at outdoor events or during a stressful work day. The portability of single-use plastic straws makes them an essential item in many people's daily lives.
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