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Changya New Material Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2013, and the group is headquartered in Ningbo, China. It is a limited liability company integrating R&D, production and sales. As China Disposable Paper Straws Manufacturers and Printed Paper Straws Suppliers, the company mainly produces paper PLA & Plastic disposable tableware, such as straw, cutlery, microwaveable box, hinged box, cup, carry out bag, plate, dinning kit, etc.

Changya New Material Technology Co., Ltd. has developed rapidly since its establishment, with a growth rate of over 30% each year, and has now become an enterprise in the field of high-quality disposable food and kitchen supplies in China. Changya products are mainly sold in the international market, and more than 90% of the products are exported to many regions such as Europe, the United States, and Australia. Changya adopts strict quality control standards for its products and has won a variety of international certifications, including BRC, GMP NSF, ISO 22000, and GMP, and it has passed LFGB, FDA, and other food safety tests. At the same time, it is a member of the international human rights organizations BSCI and Sedex. It has wide recognition and a good reputation in the international market.


  • GSV 2023 NB
  • WCA NB 2021
  • WCA Certificate NV2021
  • ISO14000 NB 2020
  • ISO 22000 EN NB
  • HACCP 2023 VN


Disposable Paper Straws

1. What is the environmental performance?
In the current social context of increasing environmental awareness, the environmental performance of disposable paper straws has become the focus of attention. Compared with traditional plastic straws, the environmental performance of disposable paper straws is mainly reflected in the selection of raw materials and degradation performance.
First of all, disposable paper straws are usually made from natural fiber raw materials, such as bamboo fiber, wood pulp, etc. These raw materials are renewable and greatly reduce their dependence on non-renewable resources compared to petroleum-based plastics. At the same time, this also reduces the negative impact of the production process on the environment and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.
Secondly, disposable paper straws have good degradation properties. Since its main component is paper, once it enters the environment, it can be decomposed into elements acceptable to nature more quickly, reducing pollution to the ocean and land. In comparison, plastic straws take a relatively long time to degrade and become one of the main components of marine debris.
It is important to note that disposable paper straws may still cause environmental problems under certain conditions. For example, disposable paper straws may degrade more slowly in humid environments, taking longer to fully degrade. Therefore, in terms of environmental performance, we need to comprehensively consider the actual performance under various conditions to ensure that disposable paper straws can exert their degradation advantages in different environments.

2. Technological innovation and sustainability
In order to improve the sustainability of disposable paper straws, innovation in production technology is a crucial link. First, modern technology has made the production process of disposable paper straws more efficient, reducing energy consumption. Using renewable energy as production energy can also reduce the burden on the environment.
Innovation in materials is also a key factor in the sustainability of disposable paper straws. Some manufacturers are exploring the use of biodegradable packaging materials to reduce solid waste generated during the production process. In addition, the packaging design of disposable paper straws is also constantly innovating, using more environmentally friendly cartons or paper bags to reduce unnecessary plastic packaging.
In addition to innovations in production technology and materials, the design of products and how they are used are key to improving sustainability. For example, designing straws that are stronger and less prone to deformation can extend their service life and reduce the need for frequent replacement, thereby reducing resource consumption. At the same time, educating consumers on proper use and disposal methods is also part of sustainability and can further reduce the possibility of single-use paper straws entering the environment.
Through continuous innovation in technology, materials and design, the sustainability of disposable paper straws can be better developed and better meet the needs of modern society for environmentally friendly products.

3. Consumer awareness and acceptance of disposable paper straws
Although disposable paper straws are promoted as a sustainable alternative to traditional plastic straws, their awareness and acceptance among consumers remains an important issue. Understanding consumers' opinions on disposable paper straws can provide a useful reference for further promotion and improvement of products.
Consumers usually consider product performance and usage experience when making purchasing decisions. Whether the use experience of disposable paper straws is comparable to that of traditional plastic straws, including absorption capacity, non-deformability, etc., will directly affect consumer acceptance. Therefore, manufacturers need to continuously improve the actual performance of their products while ensuring environmental protection to ensure that consumers do not feel excessive discomfort when using them.
Consumer awareness of environmentally friendly products is also key to promoting disposable paper straws. Manufacturers can convey the environmental benefits of disposable paper straws to consumers through publicity and education campaigns, making consumers more willing to choose this sustainable alternative. In addition, the establishment of partnerships is also an important task in the promotion process, cooperating with retailers, restaurants, etc. to introduce disposable paper straws into daily life and increase its visibility in the market.
Support from government and social organizations is also a key factor affecting consumer acceptance. Encouraging and promoting relevant regulations and promoting environmental protection concepts can form a positive perception of disposable paper straws at the social level, thereby guiding consumers to be more willing to accept and use such environmentally friendly products.
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